Proud to Announce Sponsorship of Alex Gazan

Proud to Announce Sponsorship of Alex Gazan

We are proud to announce sponsorship of Alex Gazan.

The sweetheart of the CrossFit world known for her winning smile. With a CrossFit Games appearance under her belt, Alex has quickly become a household name and top pick of Crossfitters worldwide.

Growing up, Alex faced a lot of adversity but found an escape through sports. In high school that escape was Lacrosse which was a way for her to be a part of something bigger. Insert a high school coach who recommended she check out CrossFit Viento and connected her with Reagan Huckaby and Karen McAdams who took the rough and unpolished athlete and turned her into a force to be reckoned with.

In 2021, Alex made her debut at her forst crossFit games semi final event, The West Coast Classic in Las Vegas, NV. While there Alex made an impression on the community both for a her wild and curly locks but also for her tenacity and her willingness to stay in the fight. Just after the 2021 season she joined the ranks of underdogs athletics and worked her way to taking 3rd at the Granite Gamesand earning her way to her rookie CrossFit Games season.

The 2023 CrossFit Games season is no different. nothing will stand in her way or dismiss her from going on to that competition floor and taking whats hers. 

Good Luck Alex and welcome to Team Kriger!

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