Welcome to Team Kriger James Sprague!

Welcome to Team Kriger James Sprague!

We are proud to announce sponsorship of James Sprague.

James Sprague is the energiser bunny of CrossFit. James is a rising star in the world of CrossFit and has a following that is growing more and more each day. In the gym, its all business for James, but anywhere else he is the most fun, energetic and life giving person you're ever likely to meet.

James grew up in Snoqualmie Washington, nestled in the cascade mountain range. Throughout his early life, James played sports but also grew up larger than most of his classmates. James father was a 2016 CrossFit Games age group competitor. Watching his Dad at the 2016 Crossfit games was the catalyst that was needed to push James into the gym.

James is a 2X CrossFit Games teen athlete, 2X CrossFit Games Semi Final Competitor, and a frequent face at other marquee events throughout the season. During the 2022 season James narrowly missed out on a games spot by 1 point. He participated as part of the CrossFitr games demo team. A busy but disappointing 2022 season has fuelled a fire that won't be satiated until he stands on the competition floor of the CrossFit Games.

Good Luck James and welcome to Team Kriger!

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